I am Robert Paul.

My family has a strong lineage in all things arts and music. Robert Edgar Elliott has his landscape oils hanging on the walls of the British embassy. Robert Graham Elliott has his artwork and graphic design embedded deeply in the print industry. My son, Robert Grae will no doubt carve a deep trail into the creative landscape one day.

I am Robert Paul. A live improvisation pianist, multi-instrumental composer and photographer. With a deep technical expertise, I pride myself on being able to bring our technology and your dreams together. Want to live-stream a multi-camera broadcast of a 90-piece orchestra backing a spoken-word poet to the world? Tomorrow night?

Done. Passionately and excellently.

Robert Edgar

Bass singer in the Anglican Church choir. President of the Rotary Club. Shooting champion. Prolific landscape oils artist. Town father and Elliott family patriarch par excellence.

Robert Graham

Dad. You ran more Comrades Marathons than I can in fact recall or count. You composed music I can only dare improvise. You lived for your family and your heart beat without compromise. See you again someday. x

Robert Grae

My Fire Boy. It's all already inside you. You have your Great-Grandpa's tenacity, charm and character. You have your Grandad's tender heart. You have your father's temper. Sorry temperament! ;) Conquer your world, little man.