Have a custom tutorial made that focuses specifically on your immediate creative goals. Have a how-to tutorial built for your users.

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Mac misbehaving? PC no longer perky in the morning? A tech specialist is on call to remotely inspect and repair your computer.

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Building a website or app? Let's build the most appealing solution for your clients. Podcasting? Streaming? YouTube to You-name-it.

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What sort of how-to do you do?

We consult on all social media technologies and platforms. Starting a Podcast? Building a website? Vlogging? From the best bitrates to the tastiest soundbites, we can guide you, build with you, test for you so your users won't have to.

Can you solve my problem remotely?

Yes. In most cases software problems can be solved in a remote support session. The connection is safe and secure and takes a minute to set up.

Are site visits available?

No. In light of the COVID19 pandemic, all support is now available online only.

Do you only support Mac and PC?

We will support a cow with a leaky udder if we have the time and mandate to do so. :) We assess your support requirement on a case by case basis. Support for mobile devices, cameras, sound desks and many other pieces of hardware is available in house or via preferred partners.

What about hardware support?

At this point, hardware support is unavailable. However, should your device require a hardware repair or upgrade, you will be advised on all necessary components and be referred to a preferred partner.

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